• Reserve ahead of time to be sure you will have what you need when you come over.
  • Filling out a waiver is mandatory; you can do so online before you come and not waste any time.
  • Try before you buy: Renting is a great way to make the right decision when buying equipment whether KITE or SUP gear. We encourage you to do just that. We will deduct your rental fee (to a maximum of $100) if you decide to purchase after your demo.

SUP Rentals

SUP rental includes board, paddle, leash and PFD (Portable Flotation Device). Wearing a PFD and a leash are mandatory.

KITE Rentals

We have a great selection of Manera accessories (wetsuits, harnesses), F-One kites (complete with bar), F-One twin-tips and F-One surfboards for you to rent on a per day format. Make sure to contact us at least a day or two prior (a week even better) so we can reserve what you need.

FOIL Rentals

At this time, we do not offer FOIL rentals. FOIL equipment is very specialized, sharp, fragile,… With that being said, what we do offer is a 2hrs Advanced Foiling Coaching lesson where we will meet you on the beach with all the equipment you will need and go foiling with you so you will have supervision and be able to demo the wide choice of foil gear F-One produces. We also offer a full 3hrs Intro to Foil w/ boat support. More info here.