Manera is a casual term from Mitu Monteiro‘s home country in Cabo Verde that is used everyday to say hi, salut, oi, ciao… Manera!

Manera (the brand) was born in the South of France, and is an offset of F-One, the leading foiling and kiteboarding gear company. Manera, very much like F-One, is a family run business. Manera focus on wearables (wetsuits, technical accessories) where F-One is dedicated to developing gear. Manera offers high-quality products and are experts in innovation, creating high-performance and durable products.

Manera America was born in the Bay Area and is run by the same passionate group of people who also distribute F-One in North America. The goal is to make sure North American customers have access and can enjoy ALL the Manera & F-One products, spend quality time on the water and Stay Salty!