CLEANLINE Review’s Manera X10D Wetsuit

Source: Cleanline Surf

Cleanline Surf and Manera recently teamed up, and we’re proud to partner with a premium surf company that offers quality gear ranging from 6mm wetsuits to changing ponchos. The Manera brand isn’t widely known by the average surfer here in the PNW, myself included. You may be wondering, what are they all about? Manera is a family-owned business based in France that exclusively sells high-end wetsuits in selective kite and surf shops.

When given the opportunity to test a Manera suit of my choice, naturally, I gravitated toward the 4/3 X10D Hooded Chest Zip wetsuit. After a month of surfing and putting it through the paces, I’ll share my takeaways in the review below. To sum it up, it’s fair to predict Manera will be on a few more surfer’s radar soon!

“The Manera X10D is the biggest sleeper on the market—a diamond in the rough of sorts. It has the best combination of warmth, performance, and comfort of any 4/3 suit out there. The added flexibility and lightness allow bigger surfers like me to paddle faster, surf better, and enjoy longer sessions”.

Manera X10D Wetsuit

Neoprene and Liners

The Manera X10D wetsuit uses Triplex X10D Layered Neoprene. There’s a lot of industry jargon with the terms below. Essentially, three distinct materials are used in the triplex, each serving a unique purpose to keep the suit warm, light, and durable. 

The exterior layer is composed of Re-Flex Skin, a durable and UV-resistant neoprene layer that also incorporates extreme stretch to maximize your mobility. 

The middle layer utilizes Air-Foam Neoprene. This layer of neoprene is filled with tiny pockets of air that keep the material light, trap heat, and help insulate your body for warmth even in the harshest conditions.

The interior layer is made of X10D + Fleece and the X10D Jersey. The innovative beige-looking fleece is made from thousands of tiny loops that trap your body’s heat and create a thermal barrier against the cold. The fleece is strategically placed in the core and upper legs, where warmth is needed the most. Lastly, the blue X10D Jersey is used throughout the rest of the suit – lower leg, shoulder, arms, and hood. X10D Jersey is 22% lighter than most competitors’ options, adding to the wetsuit’s overall performance and comfort.

Manera achieves this perfect balance of warmth and lightweight feel, all while using recycled neoprene and dope-dyed yarn. Both eco-friendly practices keep waste out of our landfills and reduce water consumption during the manufacturing process.

Seams & Stitching

Every neoprene panel in the X10D is first glued together and then blind-stitched. Next, a super stretchy SD2 tape is heat welded over the interior seams. This unique process ensures that the seams are 100% waterproof while simultaneously enhancing the suit’s durability and flexibility. In other words, the SD2 tape is the best balance between stretch, strength, and waterproofness.

Fit and Cut

Manera is one of the few wetsuit manufacturers to use computer design to model wetsuits in 3D based on analytics of the human body. They utilize cutting-edge software that converts the 3D model into a precise 2D pattern for the factory to cut and build the suits. The result? Premium wetsuits that fit exactly as advertised while being anatomically sound.

Furthermore, Manera has taken further precautions to ensure their suits fit well and are incredibly comfortable. The design team removed seams in high-tension areas to maximize flexibility and strength while eliminating seams in high-friction areas to reduce rashing. An interesting tidbit: all seams are stretched vertically and not sideways, with reinforcements in high-stress areas to ensure your suit lasts.

I am 6’1” and 205 lbs., and the XL fits me perfectly. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable suits I have ever worn. Our Manera rep mentioned that some people find the hoods to be a bit tight/small. Fortunately, with my average-sized melon, I had no such issues and found the hood to fit well and be very comfortable.

Entry & Zipper

An important fact to note is how easy the Manera X10D is to get on and off. The X10 fleece slides over dry skin without sticking, making the suit easy to get in and out of regardless if it’s damp or bone dry. The chest entry features a pre-fed zipper that you never have to worry about attaching and detaching with cold fingers.

Furthermore, the chest panel includes drain holes, preventing unwanted cold water from filling the suit. The legs have a perforated side cut near the ankle to drain any water that may seep through. With thoughtful features like this, it’s apparent that no expense was spared in the design of the X10D suit.


It may be hard to believe, but the Manera X10D 4/3 may have the best combination of flexibility and warmth of any other hooded 4/3 on the market. Here’s why: the X10D fleece is notably warm, and the X10D jersey is highly flexible. I have paddled out in the X10D countless times in cold water temps hovering in the upper 40s F. More times than not, I find myself sweating and removing my hood, even while fighting the ice cream headache from duck diving.

The seams are designed in such a way that just about makes the wetsuit waterproof. Think about it: when water can’t enter the suit, and the fleece has high thermal retention, there’s little to no room to get cold. Theoretically, there is a temperature threshold where the X10D 4/3 will no longer be warm enough, but I have yet to reach it.

Value and Durability

With a price range of $470-$510, the Manera X10D model line is definitely in the upper echelon of wetsuits. That said, it is worth the hefty price tag. Being more of a niche brand, Manera drives their business with high requirement standards and loyalty. They only offer high-quality products through a network of trusted, specialized shops. In addition, Manera offers a generous two-year warranty on their wetsuits. The X10D certainly fits the bill. They believe the best way to create an eco-friendly product is to make one that lasts.

CLEANLINE Review’s Manera Women’s Magma Meteor Wetsuit

Source: Cleanline Surf

The Manera Women’s Magma Wetsuit is an elite offering designed for women who demand the best in warmth and performance. With cutting-edge materials and construction, the Magma ensures durability and longevity without compromising flexibility. Manera, a family-owned business based in France, is long known for producing top-quality surf gear for men and women.

We got our hands on the Women’s 5/4/3 Magma and took it through the ropes for thorough testing, scrutinizing everything from the fit of the hood to the 3D design. Read on for our complete review of the Magma suit: we’ll break down why this high-end suit is worth every penny.

“…the Manera Magma is at the cutting edge of wetsuit technology, using innovative features to provide the warmest, most durable suit on the market. Between the fuzzy, quick-drying fleece, the flexible air neoprene, and the minimized environmental impact, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get a Magma sooner.”

Manera Magma Meteor Wetsuit

Neoprene and Liners

Manera created the Triplex Magma neoprene to maximize warmth and flexibility because everyone knows three is a party. First, the outermost material is called re-flex skin, which is designed for protection from the elements. The high-tech, flexible, and warm air-foam neoprene is squeezed perfectly in the middle of this rubber sandwich. 

And last but not least, one of my favorite parts of the suit is the Magma+ liner. The cream-striped fleece liner is made from thermal materials and has a reduced low density. This equates to a lightweight feel and faster drying time overall. It’s incredibly cozy and warm; it feels like a blanket hugging your body, and who doesn’t need more of that?

The Magma suit’s neoprene is derived from limestone rather than petrochemicals. Meaning less impact on the local environment and reduced dependence on oil and byproduct chemicals. Also, Manera maximizes their resources by recycling and reusing neoprene waste materials into their finished product. 

Seams and Stitching 

As one would expect with a high-end suit, the seams and stitching are created using some pretty high-tech product designs. The neoprene panels are glued together and blind-stitched (GBS), meaning the needle doesn’t fully puncture the neoprene. 

Next, the SD2 tape is welded to the seams using an air heater machine. This unique process provides more water-tight seams, durability, and flexibility compared to other competitors. Part of what makes Manera’s suits so durable is the quality seam work since that is typically the first area to fail on a well-used suit. 

Fit and Cut

Manera’s sizing for women is slightly different from other brands. Instead of using the standard numerical sizing, they use XS-XL sizing. At 5’10 and 135 lbs, I’m a size medium. According to the unique size chart, I’m at the bottom of the weight range but on the higher end of the height range for the medium. Because Manera’s size chart isn’t like standard US size charts, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Cleanline team with any sizing questions.

When putting on the suit for the first time, it was incredibly tight. However, with time and use, it gets easier and fits my body better. With that said, keep in mind the Magma tends to run a smidge on the smaller side. 

What’s unique about Manera is the design process that goes into each wetsuit model. Manera has against the grain in wetsuit design: using computer design create fitted suits in 3D. Once dialed in to perfection, the design is transformed into a 2D pattern for the factory crew to work with. 

Entry and Zipper

As mentioned earlier, the process of putting on and taking off the Magma wetsuit requires some extra effort, maybe partially due to my height? Although, compared to other hooded suits I’ve worn, the entry on the Magma feels smaller and tighter. However, once I’m fully zipped into the snug embrace of the Magma, I feel invincible. The wetsuit fits so well that I know my body will tire long before I even consider the possibility of getting cold.

The attached zipper is a major perk, as you don’t have to feed it through each time. It also feels very durable, like the rest of the suit. 


According to Manera, the 5/4 Magma is rated at 85% flexibility, 100% warmth, and 100% comfort. I completely agree with their rating. While comparing it to other brands, the Manera flexibility falls more in the middle of the road while the warmth factor is unmatched. I recommend the Magma to ladies who don’t care too much about the price tag but are seeking the warmest, most durable suit on the market.

Every area of potential water entry is sealed tight, even during duck dives and wipeouts. After a severe thrashing, if any water has seeped in, the strategically placed drainage holes prevent any sort of ballooning effect. The Manera water strainer panel uses leaky and perforated neoprene, creating a drainage system on your legs to keep your whole body happy. 

The wrist and ankle cuffs are well-designed to keep flushing minimized, and it even comes with an additional ankle strap for the ladies with no cankles (I can’t relate). While the hood takes quite some effort to put on and take off, it does a darn good job of allowing little to no water in, which leads to a warmer, more enjoyable time in the water.

Venturing into the chilly waters between 43-52 °F demands serious gear, making the 5/4 Magma wetsuit your reliable ally. For slightly milder temperatures ranging from 52-58 °F, the 4/3 is your go-to choice. If you’re one of those rare souls radiating warmth, you can even dare to go down to the 4/3 Magma because the suit runs incredibly warm.

Value and Durability

Manera says it best on their website, “the best way to be eco-friendly is to create durable products.” Although the price tag of $539.95 for the Women’s Magma 5/4/3 Hooded suit may seem a little high, prepare to enter into a long-term relationship. The overall quality and thoughtfulness put into this suit are apparent from the get-go, and you won’t have to be searching for a new suit by next season like you do with some of the competitor brands. Lastly, Manera offers a generous two-year warranty on their wetsuits. 

Honestly, the blog isn’t long enough to write about all of the fantastic eco-friendly features that Manera incorporates. From biodegradable packaging to solar-powered facilities, Manera is committed to sustainable practices.