Ready to Escape

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Designed, built, and tested to follow the most hardened of seafarers.
Those who can’t resist the call.

For the most passionate.
For the early risers who hit the spot at dawn, for the ones who rage until nightfall.
For those who live with constantly salty skin, for the loners who venture far from the coast.
For the madmen who simply can’t resist the call.

The Collection

Wing Harness

We have developed light and adaptable harnesses with a low profile.

Harness or belt, choose the option that fits your needs.

The Lift Harness -Wing

For us at MANERA, a wing harness is there to go unnoticed when free flying while providing the necessary support to go back upwind. That’s why we have developed a light and adaptable harness with a low profile. See it as a “lift” back to the top of the downwind!

The Leash Belt -Wing

Having one leash on your wrist and the other one on your ankle can be tricky to manage, especially in strong winds. The LEASH BELT is made to attach your wing or board leash when wing, surf or SUP foiling. It has a very strong construction and provides multiple attachment points. 

Harness Spareparts

All the spare parts you need to equip or complete your wing harnesses.

You think winging doesn’t require a harness, until you get a taste of free flying. Then you want to go upwind as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of gliding downwind effortlessly.

Our WING HOOK will help you do just that. It is adaptable to any wing harness/leash belt that has a 50mm large front strap.


We have designed everything you need to get out there and feel safe.

New disciplines often imply new risks. Nowadays, wing foilers and downwinders are going further offshore to tackle the best bumps.

The VAGABOND Impact Vest has been developed as a minimalistic, highly comfortable vest featuring the necessary tools to go offshore.

The S-FOAM helmet uses an innovative material that allowed us to create a soft, fitted helmet that is very comfortable to ride with.

We always refused to make bulky, hard helmets because they are very uncomfortable to wear in the wind, and horrible to surf with. They could even be dangerous as they make the impact in the water even harder for your neck.

We hope you are Ready to Escape.

David Sincox X Lift Journal Foil Bag Testimonial

In the realm of surf foil enthusiasts, innovation is key to enhancing the experience and ensuring the safety of their prized equipment. Additionally, we are constantly seeking ways to streamline our routines and protect our equipment: enter the Manera Surf Foil Bag.

David Sinox, our esteemed Manera America Ambassador hailing from Jersey, will walk you through what makes this bag a game-changer in your foil accessory line up.

Gone are the days of struggling with traditional zippers that risk damaging the board. Instead, Manera’s innovative approach employs a clever arrangement of velcros, ensuring unparalleled protection and convenience.

The cornerstone of this innovation lies in the high protective foam that envelops the bag, cocooning your surf foil board in a layer of ultimate defense. Whether you’re assembling your foil on a concrete platform or navigating various terrains, the Manera Surf Foil Bag’s built-in protective mattress offers an indispensable safeguard against any potential harm.

Crafted from premium Polyester 600D, a material renowned for its resilience against shocks, tears, UV rays, and water, these surf foil bags embody Manera’s commitment to durability. Designed to withstand the rigors of the elements and the demands of surf foiling, these bags guarantee longevity and ensure your equipment remains in pristine condition.

One of the most distinctive features of Manera’s foil bags is their ingenious design that allows you to stow your board with the mast intact. This means you can keep your setup ready for action, reducing the time spent assembling and disassembling while maximizing your time on the water. It’s a small but significant shift that can transform your surf foiling experience.