Adjective. One of the most popular words of Chilean slang. A very common expression for saying something or someone is cool, brilliant or awesome.

Amidst the pristine landscape of Chile, trekking through majestic forests and expanses of black sand, Pete Devries and Ian Fontaine found what they were looking for.

FUN FIRST – Episode N°3 

Why not try something completely different this time?” With a slightly unconventional approach, the project “Fun First” was thus born as two childhood friends set out on a mission to find the most uninviting, atypical, and overlooked waves all over the region. They aimed to prove that fun is possible anywhere, even if the spot doesn’t look ideal at first sight or if the weather is dreadful.

Teahupoo Seen from the Inside

Justine, Ian and Fred met in Tahiti to experience the dream wave of Teahupoo. Seen either as a personal challenge or a way to level up, it’s always magical to take part in this surf adventure.

Emotions, technical advice, failures and successes are all part of this trip. Let us take you as close to the action as possible as our riders tackle this legendary wave. We’re here to capture every salty moment.