We Support Local Shops

Whether it’s out on the water or in this business, we don’t forget our friends.  The knowledge of true practitioners is invaluable, and that is why each MANERA product is only sold through a specialty shop or website.  Our decision to support local shops is much more than a sales strategy; it is a commitment to our culture.

SunDiego x Manera Signage Installation

The Manera team is stoked on our latest signage install up at SunDiego! Manera value’s these opportunities to work with our dealers to enhance the customer experience and tell our story.

Above you have Award Winning Big Wave surfer and Manera athlete, Justine Dupont having fun in her Seafarer 3.2! 

Sun Diego takes great pride in its recognition as the “Best Surf Shop” for nine consecutive times by the San Diego Union Tribune Readers Poll. Additionally, the shop has earned prestigious titles such as “Retailer of the Year” and “Women’s Retailer of the Year,” which were nominated and voted on by industry retailers nationwide and the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).

With a wide array of products from both well-established and emerging brands, Sun Diego caters to individuals dedicated to the sun and coastal living. From the iconic Carlsbad beaches to the vibrant Opening Day in Del Mar, from the lively Belmont Park in Mission Beach to the picturesque shores of La Jolla, and throughout various areas of San Diego County, Sun Diego has become a go-to destination. The shop takes pride in keeping San Diegans well-informed about the latest trends, ensuring that they have everything they need. Whether customers are out in the water, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying time at a local brewery, Sun Diego extends a warm welcome to all visitors.

Stop by their shop down in Belmont Park, Mission beach #supportlocalsurfshops


ProofLab Surf Shop has consistently aimed to establish itself as a premier local destination for surf, skate, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their primary objective is to foster a sense of community and facilitate the connection between individuals and nature, while also providing top-quality equipment for the sports they are passionate about.

Check out the latest Manera Wetsuit Room Build out where our team got to showcase all of our neoprene ranges and tell the Manera story.


Our mission is to make the best local surf/skate/outdoor shop, focused on community building and connecting people with the outdoors

ProofLab Surf Shop has gained a reputation for its extensive selection of surf gear, including surfboards, wetsuits, apparel, and accessories. They cater to surfers of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders. The shop offers a wide range of surfboard brands, including both traditional and alternative shapes, ensuring that customers can find the right board for their needs.

Apart from surfboards, ProofLab Surf Shop also stocks a variety of wetsuits suitable for different water temperatures and conditions. We are proud and excited about this growing partnership.

An exclusive interview with local partner Bing Surfboards.

Bing Surfboards is a family-run business. Can you give us a bit of insight on how it all started?

Bing Surfboards was founded in 1959 by Bing Copeland in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The original storefront was right on the strand in Hermosa Beach. It was quite small, with about 15-20 boards in the showroom and the shaping rooms were in the back just behind the register. Back then we didn’t sell any type of clothing or accessories, just surfboards. 

There were a few different stores over the first 20 years, but Bing retired and moved his family to Idaho in the late 70’s. The boards were built only as custom orders by Mike Eaton for the next few decades until our current owner and head shaper, Matt Calvani, took over in 2000. Matt reinvigorated the brand immediately and when his now wife, Margaret joined the business, things really started to take off. A new retail store was re-opened in 2011 and we stayed there until 2019 when we moved just down the street to our current store. 

We have always thought of ourselves as a global small business since we have less than 20 employees total, but we do business in over 30 countries. We all wear quite a few hats to get the job done every day!

Bing has become a world-renowned surfboard brand. What are the main driving factors in how the Bing name has become so sought after? 

Bing was one of the first surfboard production companies to make the highest quality surfboards available to the public during the surfing boom of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Anyone will tell you that Bing Copeland was a very smart and honest businessman who garnered a ton of respect from his peers and helped the business grow. 

Our current head shaper, Matt Calvani, is known to be one of the smartest and most talented shapers of the last 25 years. His ability to pay respect to the Bing brand by carrying on the tradition of high-quality boards built in the USA is only matched by his level of knowledge and ability when it comes to shaping and designing new surfboard models that keep Bing Surfboards relevant on the global stage. 

Bing focuses on selling higher quality, niche brands rather than the ‘bigger’ surf brands. When did this approach get started in the shop and how has it differentiated you from others?

People have always associated our brand with quality, and when you enter the showroom, you notice that right away. Beautiful surfboards line the walls and there is little to no brand advertising anywhere in the store. We like to carry brands that fit the aesthetic and quality level we have for our surfboards. Unlike most big-box stores that look more like a Walmart with endless goods piled high to the ceiling, we buy smaller quantities from companies that tell a great story and deliver beautiful products. 

We love when new customers come into the shop, and they are blown away by the range of items we have on offer. Many times, that will start a conversation and a person might leave our shop a bit more educated about surf history, culture, art, or board design. That is a very special feeling. We have always built our customer base through genuine interaction, education, and community.

Out of all the iconic Bing Surfboard shapes, which one do you think was the most influential?

In a historical sense, we’d have to say the Nuuhiwa Noserider would be the most iconic, but the amount of history that flows through this company is immense. Many very special people have ridden our boards over the years. Some of our newer models like the Continental designed by Mick Rodgers, the Izzy Rider II designed by Israel Preciado, and the Pocket Knife designed by Mele Saili are all contenders to be in that “iconic” category as well. They are a perfect blend of nostalgic yet modern at the same time. 

How do you feel your business fits and reflects the community?

Our business has always been a direct reflection of our community of Leucadia. Matt and Margaret work well over 50 hours a week without fail. Everyone at our factory puts in honest, hard work 7 days a week. Our retail store is known to be somewhere you can come and enjoy the surfing experience no matter what your skill level might be, or if you surf at all. We understand how lucky we are to run a successful brick-and-mortar surf shop, and we’re proud to say we know almost every single person on a first-name basis. No matter how our neighborhood grows and changes, we’ll always just be the local surf shop in the center of town.

“ Once we were shown the history and design process that MANERA has, it was a done deal.”

Introducing the Wetsuit Brand Dedicated to Keeping Core Surf Culture Alive

Source: Wavelength Mag

Remember the feeling the first time you walked into a surf shop?

The smell of wax and fresh neoprene. The glint off the boards that lined the racks. The otherworldly surfing beaming out of a screen overhead and the local luminary talking story in the corner. 

Since time immemorial, the surf shop has been the terrestrial centerpiece of our local communities. A place to convene, trade tales, and glean insights on the best local banks and the chance of scoring them tomorrow. Somewhere to examine cutting-edge new gear close up, and get advice from the sage, but skeptical proprietor, who’s seen more wetsuit re-designs and leash innovations than you’ve had hot dinners. 

Of course, the surf shop’s oeuvre has shifted a little in recent decades. Now, many specialist retailers have grown an online arm too. But, their role within the community remains much the same. In fact, as surfing booms and mushrooms into an ever more mainstream version of itself – where fast fashion juggernauts like Primark feel bold enough to throw their hats into the wetsuit-making ring – the existence of core surf shops, run by surfers and stocked with independent, surfer-owned brands is more vital than ever. 

That’s just one of the reasons high-quality hardware specialists Manera have put them right at the heart of their business model. As an increasing number of watersports brands have sought to cut out shops entirely by selling to their customers direct, Manera have gone in the complete opposite direction – becoming the only big wetty brand to sell solely through selected specialist retailers. Why? It all comes down to their principles.

See, Manera is a family business – created initially as the accessories arm of the wildly popular wind-sport brand F-One, established by Raphaël and Sophie Salles back in 1994. In 2012, the couple’s son, Julien Salles, came on board as brand manager, leading Manera’s first forays into the world of surf-specific wetsuits. In the early days of the company, a small network of shops and salespeople were integral to its success, with the loyalty and trust developed in those years holding true ever since. “It’s why we’re here today,” says Julien, “so, we decided we should respect that and make sure a good shop never disappears.” 

One of the examples that looms largest for him is Side Shore, a brick-and-mortar store located in northwest France. They’ve been selling F-One and Manera since the very beginning and for Julien, they represent all the ways in which a shop can be a pillar of the community. As well as sharing their unparalleled knowledge of the region, they organize events, run a repair service and nurture up-and-coming local talent through sponsorship.

While the brand’s approach is designed to look after industry partners like them, it also holds significant benefits for the customer. Beyond ensuring surf shops will still be there when you need them, it’s a great way to guarantee the quality of the product. Because, rather than hiding in the brand’s own warehouse waiting for an online sale, each of Manera’s products are handled and approved by dozens of watersports-loving shop owners around the world, who of course, are only going to stock the best for their customers. With each and every Manera wetsuit, as well as maximum flex, X10D fleece, and thermal protection, you’re buying into a commitment to keep core surf culture alive.