Surfline X Pete Devries Talks Shoulder Season Wetsuits

Source: Surfline

Manera x Surfline Shop have teamed up to deliver an epic beanie with every Manera order purchased on the Surfline Shop. If that doesn’t persuade you, read below.

When you’re surfing in bone-chilling waters such as Canada or Alaska, your gear is fundamental to your success. A wetsuit that floods, booties that shift, or hoods that are too tight or loose, can skew a surfer’s day entirely.  

Pete Devries is a professional Canadian cold-water shredder who perceives hoods as essential as his surfboards and considers his 4/3 a summer wetsuit. Before heading out for another adventure in the middle of the Bering Sea (with a fresh 6 mil ready to go), Pete told us what’s in his wetsuits quiver. Spoiler: it’s all Manera. 

To understand Pete’s commitment to Manera, you need some context. In 2020, Pete’s 20-year partnership with Hurley had come to an end. While some brands sat in shock, others seized the opportunity to show this Canadian how good a wetsuit can truly be. 

“Manera was the first company that reached out,” he says. “I started looking at their stuff, they sent me a few samples, and I was blown away by the quality. Surfing with Team Manera is really great. It’s been fun working on different video projects with them, which is something I didn’t really get to do in the past with fairly with such a big international team.” 

Before Manera, Pete would go through more than six wetsuits per year and a pair of booties every three weeks. Some wetsuits would start as flexible and be blown out from the seams after a few sessions, and others the quality just wasn’t up to par. A helpful reminder that finding a wetsuit brand that fits your needs is a challenge for everyone, even the pros.  

So according to Pete, what is so great about Manera wetsuits? “The quality, the durability, and the flexibility.”

With Manera, Pete gets three wetsuits at the start of fall to gear up for his cold-water winter surfing. For Pete, it’s the kneepads that always go first, so he makes sure his quiver is stocked. Though these suits will last him around two or three seasons, he only uses the latest and greatest for his coldest surfs. The previous seasons suits are rotated in during summer or shoulder season.  

Before the dead of winter happens and the 6 mil is broken out, Pete took us through his favorite Manera wetsuits and accessories for shoulder season.

Men’s X10D Meteor 4/3 Chest Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit

My go-to summer and shoulder season wetsuit when the water temp is around 51º or above. The 10XD is an essential wetsuit for the daily hardcore surfer who wants a high-performance suit that’s flexible and has good maneuverability. “I’m a guy who always wears a hood, so having one that is lighter when it’s not too cold is perfect. The 10XD provides top notch flexibility without the compromise of durability and longevity.” 

Men’s Alt 5/4/3 Chest Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit

“This one is currently in my quiver. The Alt has a bit more weight and thicknesses being a 5 mil. On the flexibility scale, this one is a bit stiffer, but it’s an all-around suit that I’ll use in the winter. The Alt is an environmentally friendly wetsuit made with alternative materials, so the neoprene has a different feel to the exterior, but the interior feels the same. For anyone who is more conscious of the environment or gets up for dawn patrol before work on the coldest days of winter, the Alt is for you.” 

Magma 2mm Wetsuit Hood

I personally don’t use this one, I find it too warm. Say if you’re wearing the Alt 5/4/3 Hoodless, or any hoodless suit, you can throw this on for the extra warmth. This hood is full on meant for the coldest conditions, which means it doesn’t have much maneuverability in it.” 


“I wear this one because it’s a lot lighter and brings me a lot more flexibility for my neck. The 10XD Hood is made with the same materials as the 10XD Wetsuit. The detached hood alleviates the compression I feel on my neck with hooded wetsuits. I’ve found that these hoods can help me sustain a longer surf session without being as stiff and sore after. Especially when I want to rip an air where your body is rotating or power through a turn where your head is torquing, this hood brings that extra rotation without the pullback from a hooded suit.”  

Magma 7mm Round Toe Wetsuit Booties

“Boots are an interesting one for me. In recent years, I’ve found that the boots have been too flexible, and the neoprene gets too soft and gummy. I was blowing out a boot within one to three weeks. The Manera Round Toe Booties have a good mixture of feeling good while having solid soles that make them actually last. I’m very impressed with how these booties perform.   

 “I probably go through two pairs of Manera 7mil Booties in the winter as opposed to a pair of boots every month. I prefer very tight-fitting boots. I was worried about the fit because these boots don’t have a specific strap to tighten. So, if you’re looking for that tight fit, size down. I’m a size 10 shoe, but I wear a size 8 in boots.  

“When trying them on, they will definitely feel tight. It takes some technique to finesse your foot in there. On your first surf with them, you’ll feel pressure on the top of your foot. But just know, after a couple of days, they will loosen up just enough. If you’re struggling to get the boots on, I put some warm water in them to soften the neoprene.” 

2023 SunDiego Boardshop AM SLAM FINAL!

Sun Diego has been doing business since 1981 and this series has become a staple of their efforts to support the local surf communities of San Diego county. Surfing, skateboarding and all things coastal are what drives SunDiego to deliver the best assortment of products from brands that range from staple to niche, and even those that are new to the scene. 

The annual AM SLAM Series is a line up of surf contests that the local community and surfers of San Diego look forward to every year. With top surfer and skater athletes, a wide range of brands, a large cash purse and industry known event announcers like Chris Cote and Jamey Stone, the energy of this event is continuously elevated throughout the day. 

The series is a four stop series with a larger formated Final event that surfaces the names that have been put in the work to be at the top. Manera had plenty of names in the mix this year that included team riders Tim Fandey, Titus Santucci, Nico Panichella and the overall AM Series season champ Kyan Yang! Big congrats guys and big thank you to Sun Diego for putting on such an amazing event for the community! 

See full AM SLAM series final recap via the link below and we will see you there next year! #SupportLocalShops 

Relic’s Surf Rummage x Manera

On Sunday, September 3rd, Relic Surf Shop in Ucluelet hosted a ‘Surf Rummage’ flea market. The event kicked off at 10 am as community members set up their tables, transforming the shop into a bustling marketplace.

At 5 pm, a raffle drew attention, featuring generous surf prizes donated by Relic Surf Shop and Manera, along side other big name sponsors such as Reef, Vissla, KT, Rip Curl, and Vans. The raffle offered a chance for attendees to score some fantastic surf gear.

In the evening, the crowd gathered for a screening of Quicksilver’s ‘Repeater,’ providing surf enthusiasts and movie buffs with some cinematic entertainment.

The best part? All proceeds from the event went to support Surfrider Pacific Rim, contributing to the protection of our coastal environment.

Relic Surf Shop’s ‘Surf Rummage’ flea market was not just a fun day out but also an opportunity to give back to the ocean we all cherish. It was a memorable event for everyone who attended, and we were stoked to be a part of it!

Justine Dupont is Waterperson of the Year!

Justine Dupont, MANERA’s most daring waterwoman and the best woman big wave surfer in the world, will be honored as Waterperson of the Year at the 34th Annual Waterman’s Ball, the surf industry’s most-anticipated annual social event organized by the Surf Industry Members Association (SIMA).

Justine has been surfing big waves for more than 10 years and knows very well that adventure is always around the corner in this sport governed by swells and the ocean. But even in her wildest dreams, she could not have imagined the season she would have this year.

From Cortes Bank to the mythical Eddie Aikau to her beloved Nazaré, Justine has scored some unforgettable and legendary waves this year, always looking to challenge and better herself.

Invariably positive, humble, and down-to-earth, she has been a pillar and a true inspiration on our team.

Waterman’s benefits the SIMA Environmental Fund, a charitable foundation that awards grants to organizations dedicated to ocean conservation. In addition to fundraising, the industry comes together each year to celebrate and honor some of the leading characters and key figures in surfing and ocean environmentalism.

SEAFARER GROMS – A little story – Part 1

Our love story with salt water often begins in childhood.

MANERA’s main goal has always been to create products for everyone to enjoy the ocean. So, we are proud to now launch our GROMS wetsuit line, dedicated to the younger generation.

Available in 3.2, 4.3 and 5.3, our Seafarer GROMS wetsuits use the exact same materials and technologies as our adult range, all paired with MANERA’s renowned 3D fit. Warmth, comfort and durability; it’s all there.

We made no compromise so our youngsters can tackle the elements and grow their passion for our favorite sports.

Relic x Manera Signage Installation

The Manera team is stoked on our latest signage install up at Relic Surf Shop! Manera value’s these opportunities to work with our dealers to enhance the customer experience and tell our story. Below you have local cold water surfer and Manera athlete, Pete Devrise ripping his local spots in his MAGMA 5.4.3!

Relic Surf Shop in Ucluelet, British Columbia, was established by Mike and Nicole Bray, who initially operated a retail shop and guesthouse in the early 2000s. Recognizing the opportunity to provide year-round surf rentals and lessons along with surf accessories, they started offering these services through their Inn. In 2008, the Brays joined forces with their long-time friend Derek Hale, who brought valuable experience in the Surf, Skate, and Snowboard industry. Together, they formed Relic Surf Shop (Ucluelet Surf Shop Inc) and officially opened its doors on the May long weekend of 2009, embarking on an exciting journey.

Relic Surf Shop takes pride in its unique mission, evident from the moment visitors step inside. With two families at the helm, the shop is committed to fostering a family-friendly, enjoyable, and knowledgeable environment. They understand that creating a workplace where their staff thrives is crucial for their success and building customer loyalty. Relic aims to provide exceptional service, establishing long-term relationships with customers who can trust their guidance and support. They offer quality products at competitive prices, always on the lookout for great deals. Additionally, Relic Surf Shop is deeply committed to giving back to the community through volunteer work, donations, organizing events, and raising funds for various community projects. It is their dedication to community involvement that truly makes them the “Community’s Surf Shop.”

Welcome to the team, Kyan Yang

Kyan Yang sets himself apart not only by his smooth style and effortless surf, but also by his colorful and fun boards. Hungry to make his mark, he loves to compete and is already a USA junior national team member.

“I originally started skateboarding at a young age and was very passionate about that. Then, I took up surfing because my friends were joining the middle school’s surf club. Slowly, it became more about surfing and less about skateboarding. Now, all I do is surf.” – Kyan Yang

Manera Welcomes Tim Latte to the Team

There is no surf in Sweden, or so they say. Yet, Stockholm-native Tim Latte has forged his own path. Cold never gets old. Deeply charmed by the wintery waves and the vast immensity of the extraordinary Arctic coastlines, he is forever chasing after unexplored and remote spots around Scandinavia. Up there, each wave is rare and precious, and each session brings amplified emotions.

Often surrounded by rugged, snow-capped mountains and freezing waters, Tim knows that very few get to experience such ethereal settings. Now the epitome of cold-water surfing, he feels privileged to be able to connect on such a unique, profound, and raw level with nature. 

HOMESPOT: Torö Stenstrand, Sweden 
FAVORITE MOVE: Can be a take-off, bottom turn or an air. Anything that feels good! 
DREAM WAVE: Anywhere where it’s pumping, or the waves have a good shape! I’m not too fussy. 
3 REASONS TO GO SURFING: It’s hard to find 3 reasons to go surfing when surfing itself is such a unique experience and feeling – gliding on water just going with the flow in a forever changing environment is mind-blowing. Surfing is just half of the experience for me. The adventure aspect is just as rad; you get to spend time outdoors and visit so many places that you probably would never have seen otherwise.  
INSPIRATION: Anyone who puts everything into their passion in a positive way, I guess.  
FAVORITE MEAL: I will never turn down Mexican food!

“ Surfing is just half of the experience for me. ”

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for surfing?

Surfing and its lifestyle is a huge part of my daily life as it has given me so many experiences both in and out of the water. The people I’ve met, the cultures I’ve experienced, places seen, and my forever love for nature.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

I would buy a proper van and roam the Nordic and Baltic coasts for waves for some time. I would also like to help fund and invest in companies and organizations that are green and innovative.

Next destination?

Not sure; swells come and go pretty quick up here. I’m pretty keen on heading back up to Lofoten on a good swell and also paying you guys a visit at the Manera office.

“ …Gliding on water just going with the flow in a forever changing environment is mind-blowing. “

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

There have been so many unique experiences over the years, but I think my first trip to Iceland in 2016 was exceptional. A friend and I booked our tickets two days before heading there and we surfed empty waves and slept in a tent for ten days with northern lights dancing above us most nights. 

What are you doing during a day without wave?

You will find me working in front of the computer and constantly checking Google Earth and weather charts. Like everyone else, planning the next mission!