Manera Team Rider Titus Santucci Represents USA at ISA World Championships 

Titus Santucci, Manera rider from Encinitas, recently qualified for the U.S Junior National Surf Team. Santucci is the first Filipino-American male to do so, and quickly headed off to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Junior National Championship. 

On his instagram, Santucci mentioned it has always been a goal of his to make the Junior National Team. “My dad would push me in the waves and so did my mom. It was cool to bring me in the surfing world and teach me everything I knew,” he said. (CBS8, 2023).

Santucci competing in Brazil

With 46 countries and 356 athletes competing at the championship, Santucci was proud to be amongst his eleven other teammates surfing in Brazil. The team has competing athletes ranging from U16 to U18, all who returned home with silver metals- a stepping stone from the previous year, where Team USA brought home bronze. (American Surf Magazine, 2023). 

Santucci has been riding for Manera since early 2023. When reflecting on his Manera gear, he stated “These suits have been great at keeping me warm throughout my travels, always toasty!”

Congratulations, Titus! We can’t wait to see what you have in store.


Manera’s Alt Range Wetsuit Redefines Performance, Warmth, and Sustainability

Source: American Surf Magazine

American Surf Magazine sat down with MANERA surfer Pete Devries, a nine-time consecutive Canadian Men’s Champion and winner of 2009 Cold Water Classic from British Columbia. Pete, titled “the ultimate cold-water surfer”, took some time to get into the characteristics and benefits of the ALT wetsuit.

The Alt Range — ALT stands for Alternative — is a greener alternative to conventional wetsuits with performance in mind. 

Each wetsuit is made from 100% natural YULEX rubber. Because natural rubber is a renewable resource, it ensures a reduced environmental impact as well as a long-term supply stability.

“If there’s anyone who knows wetsuits, and if there’s anyone who knows Manera’s wide range of wetsuits — including the Alt Range — it’s Pete.” (ASM)

A glimpse into the Q & A session:

ASM: “What are a few qualities of Manera’s wetsuits overall that stand out to you?”

Pete:  “I think the biggest thing that stands out about Manera’s wetsuits is the durability. They are just so solid — and made to last

I’ve never once had a seam open up or blow out in the 5 or so years I’ve been wearing Manera. The craftsmanship is great!”

ASM: “The wetsuit market today is crowded with products. What differentiates Manera’s wetsuits from other options?

Pete: “With Manera, there is enough stretch, durability, and warmth. It’s really the perfect combination.  If you want a suit that feels great and actually lasts I’d suggest you give Manera a try.

The thing I hear time and again is how with certain brands on the market they feel amazing when you first put it on, but after two months the suit is completely blown out and over stretched … then the seams start to go. Manera’s wetsuits just last.  

I’ve talked to a bunch of people in the lineups around home that love them and are super happy to have given them a chance.”

ASM: “The Yulex Pure is natural plant based rubber that is a cleaner alternative to petroleum. Do you have any thoughts on this topic, knowing that you’re surfing in sustainable and green-product compared to other wetsuit companies?

Pete: “I think anything we can do as individuals to impact the environment in a positive way is amazing. 

It’s no secret traditional neoprene is not good for the environment, so anything we can do to get away from it is great.

I’m happy Manera takes pride in working to make products that are more environmentally sustainable. Hopefully one day the whole wetsuit market will be more sustainable.”

ASM: “Wetsuits have to be flexible to allow you to do what you want on a wave — as far as flexibility and performance are concerned, what are your thoughts about the suit?

Pete: “I really feel like they are the perfect combination of flexibility, performance and durability.  There is a fine line between each and I am really happy with the way they feel.  

Manera wetsuits do everything I need them to do.”

Shop the ALT


1 Front Zip

2 Yulex Pure®

3 SD2 Tape 2.0

4 Back knee emboss

5 Water strainer

Maxime Chabloz Takes Podium in Qatar


After an amazing season with five freestyle events worldwide, we are stoked for Swiss Manera & F-One team rider, Maxime. He finished off the ’23 competition season with two second places, and a final third on podium at the 2023 Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle Kite World Champions.

Maxime says,

Feels good to stand on the box after missing it very slightly in the last couple of years! See you next year beloved kiteboarding!”


Major Congratulations to Maxime! We can’t wait to see what next season brings.

Check Out Maximes’ Gear Favorites


It all started from an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of current harness technologies, regarding in particular the softshell (the classic flexible harness) and the hardshell (the rigid shell harness).

By separating the functions of “effort management” and “comfort”, we have created a harness that adapts perfectly to your body type and your movements, while offering unparalleled support. 

The X10D Steamer

Best of both worlds, the 4.3mm X10D allows unrestricted movements while keeping you warm during mid-season.

The X10D is the ultimate performance wetsuit. In addition to excellent thermal protection, the X10D fleece interior gives flexibility and lightness while providing great comfort. It is perfectly adapted to any discipline where you need maximum flex because of its ability to follow the body’s movements.


Ready to Escape

Watch the Movie

Designed, built, and tested to follow the most hardened of seafarers.
Those who can’t resist the call.

For the most passionate.
For the early risers who hit the spot at dawn, for the ones who rage until nightfall.
For those who live with constantly salty skin, for the loners who venture far from the coast.
For the madmen who simply can’t resist the call.

The Collection

Wing Harness

We have developed light and adaptable harnesses with a low profile.

Harness or belt, choose the option that fits your needs.

The Lift Harness -Wing

For us at MANERA, a wing harness is there to go unnoticed when free flying while providing the necessary support to go back upwind. That’s why we have developed a light and adaptable harness with a low profile. See it as a “lift” back to the top of the downwind!

The Leash Belt -Wing

Having one leash on your wrist and the other one on your ankle can be tricky to manage, especially in strong winds. The LEASH BELT is made to attach your wing or board leash when wing, surf or SUP foiling. It has a very strong construction and provides multiple attachment points. 

Harness Spareparts

All the spare parts you need to equip or complete your wing harnesses.

You think winging doesn’t require a harness, until you get a taste of free flying. Then you want to go upwind as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of gliding downwind effortlessly.

Our WING HOOK will help you do just that. It is adaptable to any wing harness/leash belt that has a 50mm large front strap.


We have designed everything you need to get out there and feel safe.

New disciplines often imply new risks. Nowadays, wing foilers and downwinders are going further offshore to tackle the best bumps.

The VAGABOND Impact Vest has been developed as a minimalistic, highly comfortable vest featuring the necessary tools to go offshore.

The S-FOAM helmet uses an innovative material that allowed us to create a soft, fitted helmet that is very comfortable to ride with.

We always refused to make bulky, hard helmets because they are very uncomfortable to wear in the wind, and horrible to surf with. They could even be dangerous as they make the impact in the water even harder for your neck.

We hope you are Ready to Escape.

Salty Runs in the MANERA Family

Source: Josh Wray, Men’s Journal 2023

“Temps have dropped and it’s time to pull on the ol’ 4/3. With its iconic fit, quick dry capability, and overall comfort, the Seafarer Steamer should be your top pick.”

Keep reading to learn more about Joshs’ experience with the Seafarer suit.

Wray Surfing Morro Bay

Stay Salty And Comfortable

“Salty is a feeling that anyone who’s spent time in the ocean understands. But, it’s more than just a feeling. It’s a way of life for some of us, including MANERA, a family-owned water sport manufacturer known for supporting local shops. Born and raised in France, MANERA was created to being in the water a true pleasure. This idea runs though their entire line-up of water sports gear– and with customers like me, too.”

Wray surfing the Bend river wave in the Seafarer suit

When The Suit Fits

“I love that MANERA works closely with local shops for sales. I grew up near a surf and skate shop in San Diego, and the smell of wetsuits is something I’ll always love, wherever I go. It will always brings me back to my roots.

Like a number of brands making larger efforts towards recycled materials and less toxic manufacturing, MANERA has stepped up the game with their Stay Green mindset. This means they don’t overproduce, repair products when possible, and make the highest-quality products that stay out of landfills.”

3D Printed for the 4D Surfer

“The Dream Quiver”

“MANERA nailed it with the Seafarer Steamer, both in usability and design. If you’re looking for a suit that truly feels like a glove (thanks to the 3D design that’s proprietary to MANERA), allows for easy paddling, and keeps you warm or a large part of the year, I’d recommend hopping on your banana board or e-bike (if you live in San Clemente) and cruise to your local shop to try one on.

If you’re ever in the San Diego area, keep an eye out for Austin and ask him about the wetsuits. He’ll probably be sporting a camera with a long lens chilling on top of the blue MANERA van.”

More on the Seafarer

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with MANERA’s renowned fit and construction.

MANERA x YULEX: Making Waves in Sustainable Surf Retail

In this interview, Liz Bui (Yulex CEO), Kyrrha Martin (Yulex Director of Sales), and Austin Benke (Manera America Sales & Marketing), discussed Manera’s unique business model. They shed light on Manera’s commitment to selling exclusively through surf shops, highlighting the community and environmental benefits of their in-person approach over online sales.

“There are a lot of things to like about Manera, including their wetsuit development created with 3D technology and designed not by a wetsuit designer but by a compression garment designer. But I think where they had me was that they don’t sell their products online (no D2C) but in selected surf shops.

In my opinion this is important for 2 reasons: Community and Environment. Local surf shops have been the cornerstone of the surfing and watersports industry for decades. Most are privately owned and always open- working tirelessly and making smaller margins than consumers appreciate. It’s the place where like-minded people meet up, share experiences, and have a receptive audience. Your local surf shop is also active in their community, contributing to and hosting school and beach events for example.

Manera’s business model of in-person, surf shop, experience only is also better for the environment when you consider packaging and transport. It’s the CO2 emissions from the millions of tons of plastic wrapping, to the billions of trees that are pulped to produce the millions of tons of shipping cartons- and a very small percentage of this actually gets recycled or reused. Then consider the transport of goods and the CO2 emissions generated by e-commerce alone- consumers demand fast delivery and free returns- neither is good for the planet. By one calculation, in 2020, the shipping and return of products accounted for 37% of the total GHG emissions. Yowsa! I know in this age of e-commerce it’s hard not to survive as a business without an online store. I obviously get that too – but how can we do better?

So kudos to MANERA for intentionally swimming upstream. Surf shops and the environment are better for it.”

– Liz Bui

ALT stands for « Alternative ». We have built a greener alternative to conventional wetsuits, with performance in mind. It features a 100% natural YULEX rubber, tapped from FSC-certified Hevea trees forests. All jerseys are recycled, and the wetsuit features all our other standard sustainable processes.

The performances of the ALT are close to a MAGMA’s. We believe the ALT represents a new generation of high-performance wetsuits that has a more reasonable impact on the planet.

CLEANLINE Review’s Manera X10D Wetsuit

Source: Cleanline Surf

Cleanline Surf and Manera recently teamed up, and we’re proud to partner with a premium surf company that offers quality gear ranging from 6mm wetsuits to changing ponchos. The Manera brand isn’t widely known by the average surfer here in the PNW, myself included. You may be wondering, what are they all about? Manera is a family-owned business based in France that exclusively sells high-end wetsuits in selective kite and surf shops.

When given the opportunity to test a Manera suit of my choice, naturally, I gravitated toward the 4/3 X10D Hooded Chest Zip wetsuit. After a month of surfing and putting it through the paces, I’ll share my takeaways in the review below. To sum it up, it’s fair to predict Manera will be on a few more surfer’s radar soon!

“The Manera X10D is the biggest sleeper on the market—a diamond in the rough of sorts. It has the best combination of warmth, performance, and comfort of any 4/3 suit out there. The added flexibility and lightness allow bigger surfers like me to paddle faster, surf better, and enjoy longer sessions”.

Manera X10D Wetsuit

Neoprene and Liners

The Manera X10D wetsuit uses Triplex X10D Layered Neoprene. There’s a lot of industry jargon with the terms below. Essentially, three distinct materials are used in the triplex, each serving a unique purpose to keep the suit warm, light, and durable. 

The exterior layer is composed of Re-Flex Skin, a durable and UV-resistant neoprene layer that also incorporates extreme stretch to maximize your mobility. 

The middle layer utilizes Air-Foam Neoprene. This layer of neoprene is filled with tiny pockets of air that keep the material light, trap heat, and help insulate your body for warmth even in the harshest conditions.

The interior layer is made of X10D + Fleece and the X10D Jersey. The innovative beige-looking fleece is made from thousands of tiny loops that trap your body’s heat and create a thermal barrier against the cold. The fleece is strategically placed in the core and upper legs, where warmth is needed the most. Lastly, the blue X10D Jersey is used throughout the rest of the suit – lower leg, shoulder, arms, and hood. X10D Jersey is 22% lighter than most competitors’ options, adding to the wetsuit’s overall performance and comfort.

Manera achieves this perfect balance of warmth and lightweight feel, all while using recycled neoprene and dope-dyed yarn. Both eco-friendly practices keep waste out of our landfills and reduce water consumption during the manufacturing process.

Seams & Stitching

Every neoprene panel in the X10D is first glued together and then blind-stitched. Next, a super stretchy SD2 tape is heat welded over the interior seams. This unique process ensures that the seams are 100% waterproof while simultaneously enhancing the suit’s durability and flexibility. In other words, the SD2 tape is the best balance between stretch, strength, and waterproofness.

Fit and Cut

Manera is one of the few wetsuit manufacturers to use computer design to model wetsuits in 3D based on analytics of the human body. They utilize cutting-edge software that converts the 3D model into a precise 2D pattern for the factory to cut and build the suits. The result? Premium wetsuits that fit exactly as advertised while being anatomically sound.

Furthermore, Manera has taken further precautions to ensure their suits fit well and are incredibly comfortable. The design team removed seams in high-tension areas to maximize flexibility and strength while eliminating seams in high-friction areas to reduce rashing. An interesting tidbit: all seams are stretched vertically and not sideways, with reinforcements in high-stress areas to ensure your suit lasts.

I am 6’1” and 205 lbs., and the XL fits me perfectly. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable suits I have ever worn. Our Manera rep mentioned that some people find the hoods to be a bit tight/small. Fortunately, with my average-sized melon, I had no such issues and found the hood to fit well and be very comfortable.

Entry & Zipper

An important fact to note is how easy the Manera X10D is to get on and off. The X10 fleece slides over dry skin without sticking, making the suit easy to get in and out of regardless if it’s damp or bone dry. The chest entry features a pre-fed zipper that you never have to worry about attaching and detaching with cold fingers.

Furthermore, the chest panel includes drain holes, preventing unwanted cold water from filling the suit. The legs have a perforated side cut near the ankle to drain any water that may seep through. With thoughtful features like this, it’s apparent that no expense was spared in the design of the X10D suit.


It may be hard to believe, but the Manera X10D 4/3 may have the best combination of flexibility and warmth of any other hooded 4/3 on the market. Here’s why: the X10D fleece is notably warm, and the X10D jersey is highly flexible. I have paddled out in the X10D countless times in cold water temps hovering in the upper 40s F. More times than not, I find myself sweating and removing my hood, even while fighting the ice cream headache from duck diving.

The seams are designed in such a way that just about makes the wetsuit waterproof. Think about it: when water can’t enter the suit, and the fleece has high thermal retention, there’s little to no room to get cold. Theoretically, there is a temperature threshold where the X10D 4/3 will no longer be warm enough, but I have yet to reach it.

Value and Durability

With a price range of $470-$510, the Manera X10D model line is definitely in the upper echelon of wetsuits. That said, it is worth the hefty price tag. Being more of a niche brand, Manera drives their business with high requirement standards and loyalty. They only offer high-quality products through a network of trusted, specialized shops. In addition, Manera offers a generous two-year warranty on their wetsuits. The X10D certainly fits the bill. They believe the best way to create an eco-friendly product is to make one that lasts.

Justine Takes Top Honors at the New Big Wave Challenge

A huge congratulations to Justine Dupont for taking home the top honors in not one but THREE categories at the inaugural New Big Wave Challenge awards held in Nazaré, Portugal.

🏆 Surfer of the Year (Women)

🏆 Ride of the Year (Women) – Cortes Bank

🏆 Biggest Wave (Women) – Cortes Bank

The New Big Wave Challenge is a fresh take on the tradition of providing a “town square” for the best athletes and content creators to gather together and share what they do with the world. All year long the surfers surf and the shooters shoot and at the end of the season the crew gets together and celebrates the best waves and the best performances as captured on video and still photos.

This year’s event window will include every wave ridden at every big wave break around the world from August 2022 through July 2023. Justine’s wave at Cortes Bank, a rogue seamount 100 miles off the California coast, was estimated at 75 feet on the face and will be in contention for a Guinness World Record. We’re so proud of what you’ve achieved and we can’t wait to write the next chapter together!