Save Your Seats

Our 100% high quality, comfortable neoprene seat covers protect your car seats from water, salt and all sorts of smudges. The inside material is made to stick to your seat so there is no need for straps or elastics to secure the seat cover in place. They are easy to set up and then set out on your next adventure!

Seat Cover

A Lightweight Poncho for Summer and Travel

Our Bamboo Poncho has been considered the best for quite a while now. We did’t make any compromise during its conception and used 550gsm high-quality fabric only.

We now offer a 30 percent lighter alternative for summer or for traveling, so we have designed the Summer Poncho with the same bamboo fabric in 380gsm.

We chose bamboo fabric for mainly two reasons:

The bamboo material has many great characteristics:

  • Ultra soft feeling
  • Absorbs water three to four times better than regular cotton
  • Dries twice as fast as other materials
  • Naturally bacteriostatic
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic

 And a reduced impact on earth

  • Grows without fertilizers and pesticides
  • Bamboo farming needs four times less water than cotton
  • Absorbs 30% more CO2 than a tree, creates 30% more oxygen
  • Prevents deforestation: Can grow 1 meter per day
  • Prevents erosion because of its long roots

SurferToday: How Justine Dupont Stormed the Big Wave Surfing World

Source: SurferToday

Justine Dupont is one of the most versatile and well-rounded female surfers on the planet. Here’s how she stormed the big wave surfing world.

A multidisciplinary surfer with a colorful spirit, a curious personality, and an infectious smile, it’s relatively easy to like Justine Dupont. She’s highly sociable, kind, passionate, and a hopeless life lover, but when the discussion shifts to surfing, it’s a different story.

Whether she’s on a tow board, shortboard, longboard, or stand-up paddleboard, Dupont is constantly pushing herself more and more. The chair of the International Surfing Association (ISA) Athletes’ Commission takes her job seriously. Step by step, slowly but steadily, she became a performance obsessed, superb tube rider capable of challenging waves that average men can only dream of.

Justine always loved to be in the ocean from an early age and, with time, learned to develop and control her relationship with fear. The infamous 2021 barrel at Jaws is among her favorite rides of all time. It’s a wave that definitely deserves a look from all angles. Adventure lover Dupont keeps saying she is not chasing wins – she surfs for herself. But how has this talented lady become one of the most successful competitive female surfers of all time?

Justine Dupont taking off on a massive Nazare wave. | Photo: Red Bull

The Fear Factor

Justine Dupont was born on July 26, 1991, in Bordeaux, France. She started surfing at the age of 11 in Lacanau after stealing her father’s surfboard and running to the beach. “When I was little, I was scared of big waves,” Dupont revealed. As a professional surfer, I competed, and at the end of the season, I was lucky because winter would arrive, and I could surf bigger waves.” Dupont soon realized she was attracted to colossal mountains of moving water and started testing herself in the most extreme environments.

“In my life, everything revolves around surfing,” the Frenchwoman notes. “I’ve been competing in water sports since I was very young – swimming, windsurfing, and then surfing. But I really love big waves. You’re confronted with so many things. It’s Nature that’s in charge.”

Her first major trophy came when, at 15 years old, she was crowned national longboard champion. In 2012, Justine qualified for the Women’s Championship Tour but suffered an injury before her inaugural event. It was a massive blow to her dreams, but the shattered glass quickly melted and recomposed itself.

Justine Dupont riding the barrel at Hossegor | Photo: Red Bull

Going Big

In 2013, the French surfer became the first woman to ride 50-foot (15 meters) waves at Belharra, the offshore reef break located off the coast of the Basque Country. Dupont is a competitive machine in every single arena she enters. She won individual and team gold medals at the ISA World Surfing Games in 2013, 2017, and 2019. The regular-footer is also an accomplished stand-up paddleboarder and longboarder with European and world titles in her trophy room.

In 2021, Justine Dupont won “Ride of the Year,” “Biggest Tow,” and “Performer of the Year” at the Big Wave Awards for her season at Jaws and Nazaré. It has been considered one of the best winter performances in big wave surfing history, male or female.

On November 13, 2021, the fearless surfer rode one of the biggest waves of her career at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. According to several witnesses and photos, the wave measured between 65 and 68 feet (19.8-20.7 meters). If it had been officially validated, it would’ve broken the Guinness World Record, which was in the hands of Brazilian daredevil Maya Gabeira.

Released in June 2021, the documentary “Enfer & Paradis” follows the daily life of a woman who calls Nazaré her second home. The 53-minute movie directed by Antoine Chicoye, Michael Darrigade, and Alex Lesbats unveils the mental preparation, the training regime, and the behind-the-scene moments of Justine’s routine as she gets ready to tame the Atlantic monsters. “You’re never fully in control. It’s good to have a balance between mastering the wave and being able to play with it,” underlines Dupont. “The noise it makes is impressive. It’s so powerful and strong – it gives you chills.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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Spotlight: Aqua Surf Shop in San Francisco

Can you give us a little background on Aqua Surf Shop? How was it started and what’s your vision for it?

We started in 2002 when myself and Aleks Petrovitch bought an existing shop called Aquaholics that was on Sloat Blvd. When we first opened, it was a small operation that we just tried to build every year by taking care of local customers and trying to invest our time into making a shop that was totally approachable to all walks of life. We grew overtime at that location by hosting movie nights, art shows, swap meets, board demos, and throwing parties to support local brands. When we were forced to move from Sloat, we were lucky enough to stay in our roots in the Sunset District and have been at our current location on 44th and Judah for the past six years.

Your shop is located in a pretty iconic spot just off of Ocean Beach in SF. What makes your location special?

Our shop is a short walk from Ocean Beach, an amazing location at the bottom of Golden Gate Park which makes it accessible to all of the Bay Area. When we opened, we were focused on creating a core shop for the community of surfers we belonged to, it just so happened that we had a world class stretch of beach just a few blocks away from our shop’s doors.

“It’s not just the shop’s community, it’s my community as well.”

What is your favorite part about owning a surf shop? 

I grew up surfing and it was something I was invested in my whole life. I traveled the world surfing different spots and when the opportunity to own a surf shop presented itself a few years after I graduated from SF State, I thought that it would be a great first business to be a part of. Who would have thought that 20 years later, I would be running the same business in the community that I’m now raising a family in.

How do you feel your business fits/reflects the community? 

There’s always been a surf community in Ocean Beach but I feel like over time it’s become even more surf focused. We’ve had a core group of surfers in the Sunset District for many years and we’ve tried to facilitate their needs. At the same time, a lot of them have become friends and we’re still making new friends to this day. We’ve always supported all the local businesses around us because we’ve all lived in the Sunset since the beginning, it’s not just the shop’s community, it’s my community as well. 

“We’ve always supported all the local businesses around us.”

When is the best time of the year to visit and surf OB and surrounding beaches? 

Ocean Beach’s surf season usually starts in the fall and goes through the winter, anywhere from September to February or March. It all depends on the year because Ocean Beach is one of the most fickle beach breaks in the world as far as the weather and swell directions go. 

What are your favorite local surf spots?

My favorite surf spot is in front of my house in the middle of Ocean Beach and having a family and all the responsibilities of life doesn’t take me too far away.

What drew you to offering Manera products in your shop? 

When I first heard about Manera, I checked out the product and saw that the neoprene was high quality and saw the good fit achieved by their 3D fitting process. My manager at the time tried the wetsuits out and he really liked the way that they felt and thought they were warm and so we brought them in and they have done well. We’ve gotten good response from long-time customers who have bought them. When people stop me on the beach to tell me how much they like the suit, I guess it’s a good thing.

Can you tell us what your favorite Manera product has been? 

My 5/4/3 Hooded Meteor Magma has been a lifesaver on the colder days we’ve been having as of late.

Is there a specific Manera product that your shop employees gravitate towards?

Everyone has been frothing on the new hooded 4/3 X10D.

Is there anything else we should know about Aqua Surf Shop? 

We’ve always been a part of the community that we love supporting. It’s been rad seeing the same core surfers that came in 20 years ago start families of their own and seeing a whole new crop of groms on the beach. It’s been a pleasure seeing friend’s kids that are as old as the shop now charging at Ocean Beach.

If you’re in the Bay Area, check out Aqua Surf Shop at:
3847 Judah St, 94122 San Francisco, CA – United States 
Phone: (415) 242-9283

Manera Welcomes Braiden Maither

Growing up on Maui, surfing quickly became his way of life. However, his career came to a screeching halt when he was diagnosed with a rare and crippling form of arthritis at 18. Simply walking was painful, and he was told he might never surf again.

Braiden defied the odds, and he can now spend countless hours on his board. He also loves to capture and show these authentic moments that he will never take for granted again. Whether on the water or at home editing footage, Braiden is driven by his passion and creativity.

HOMESPOT: Ironwoods (Oneloa) Beach in Hawaii. 
FAVORITE MOVE: Alley-oop and Tubes! 
DREAM WAVE: Indonesia, or home on a windy day with no one else surfing. I try to avoid crowds, so anywhere without too many people is great. 
3 REASONS TO GO SURFING: Mental health, creativity, happiness. Those three things keep me coming back to surfing. 
INSPIRATION: Anyone creating cool things, or looking at life with a cool perspective. From music to art to surfing, if you found your own lane, I support it! 
FAVORITE MEAL: Mexican or Thai food! Hard to go past those.

“ Whether on the water or at home editing footage, Braiden is driven by his passion and creativity. ”


Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for surfing?

Surfing keeps me alive! Mental health is big nowadays, so being able to be surrounded by nature for most of my days is so helpful. It allows me to express all my creativity out on the water, and then back home when editing and making films with my footage. It encapsulates my life perfectly!

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Invest a portion in Property’s NFT and Bitcoin! Then fund the rest of my travels to make an insane surf movie!

Next destination?

Indonesia hopefully whenever the borders open! Otherwise, Mexico or France!

“ Surfing keeps me alive! ”

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Anytime I get to surf by myself in above-average waves, it’s like a spiritual experience of being connected to the ocean. It’s hard to beat!

What are you doing during a day without wave?

I try to stretch and recover. I also organize footage I collected over the last swells. Driving RC cars is pretty fun too!

Braiden’s Favorites:

Manera Welcomes Tim Latte to the Team

There is no surf in Sweden, or so they say. Yet, Stockholm-native Tim Latte has forged his own path. Cold never gets old. Deeply charmed by the wintery waves and the vast immensity of the extraordinary Arctic coastlines, he is forever chasing after unexplored and remote spots around Scandinavia. Up there, each wave is rare and precious, and each session brings amplified emotions.

Often surrounded by rugged, snow-capped mountains and freezing waters, Tim knows that very few get to experience such ethereal settings. Now the epitome of cold-water surfing, he feels privileged to be able to connect on such a unique, profound, and raw level with nature. 

HOMESPOT: Torö Stenstrand, Sweden 
FAVORITE MOVE: Can be a take-off, bottom turn or an air. Anything that feels good! 
DREAM WAVE: Anywhere where it’s pumping, or the waves have a good shape! I’m not too fussy. 
3 REASONS TO GO SURFING: It’s hard to find 3 reasons to go surfing when surfing itself is such a unique experience and feeling – gliding on water just going with the flow in a forever changing environment is mind-blowing. Surfing is just half of the experience for me. The adventure aspect is just as rad; you get to spend time outdoors and visit so many places that you probably would never have seen otherwise.  
INSPIRATION: Anyone who puts everything into their passion in a positive way, I guess.  
FAVORITE MEAL: I will never turn down Mexican food!

“ Surfing is just half of the experience for me. ”

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for surfing?

Surfing and its lifestyle is a huge part of my daily life as it has given me so many experiences both in and out of the water. The people I’ve met, the cultures I’ve experienced, places seen, and my forever love for nature.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

I would buy a proper van and roam the Nordic and Baltic coasts for waves for some time. I would also like to help fund and invest in companies and organizations that are green and innovative.

Next destination?

Not sure; swells come and go pretty quick up here. I’m pretty keen on heading back up to Lofoten on a good swell and also paying you guys a visit at the Manera office.

“ …Gliding on water just going with the flow in a forever changing environment is mind-blowing. “

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

There have been so many unique experiences over the years, but I think my first trip to Iceland in 2016 was exceptional. A friend and I booked our tickets two days before heading there and we surfed empty waves and slept in a tent for ten days with northern lights dancing above us most nights. 

What are you doing during a day without wave?

You will find me working in front of the computer and constantly checking Google Earth and weather charts. Like everyone else, planning the next mission!