Surfline Review: The MANERA Seafarer

This past week, Surfline reviewers, John and Lauren took the Seafarer out for a spin in Santa Cruz, CA. They paid special attention to the 3-D fitting of the suit, the warmth and durability over a long surf session, and overall aspects of the 4/3. Check it out below!

All Photo and Video by Lawrence Rickford

Wetsuits are an essential and expensive element of surfing. The wrong choice can hurt your wallet and your experience. This week, two Northern California reviewers geared up at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz to try Manera’s latest Seafarer+ Steamer 4/3 wetsuit.”

“Manera designs their wetsuits in 3D to better contour the body. To simplify, the difference between 2D and 3D is depth. Outside of Manera, wetsuits are made with 2D patterns, which are flat, non-dimensional patterns that only account for height and length. 3D patterns add depth to create space for the body’s curves, allowing it to move with you as a second skin.”

How Does the Seafarer Fit?

“John: I found the sizing pretty consistent. This is a really buttery, supple suit. I think other suits can feel kind of stiff. In comparison to other 4/3’s I’ve had, this one actually felt thinner. Sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of rubber and you feel like the Michelin Man. With this suit I noticed it less, it almost felt like I was wearing a 3/2.

Lauren: It’s a tight snug fit, yet flexible, which comes with its pros and cons. It’s not an easy suit to get in and out of, but once you’re in, it’s airtight and waterproof. The closure on the chest zip got stuck in my hair a few times, so tie your hair up before pulling it over.”

Post Surf Session Review

“John: This was my first time putting on the Seafarer+. I had surfed the two days prior in my previous 4/3 and the Seafarer+ felt easier to paddle and move in. On top of that, I was super warm in it and I didn’t have any problems with flushing. It felt really fitted to my body and I was able to move very naturally. This suit is sealed really nicely, which to me, matters more than anything else.

Lauren: I’ve been surfing in it for a couple of months now. I didn’t get cold the entire session, and I’m always the first one on all my friends to get out of the water. I totally agree with John, this suit feels more like a 3/2 in terms of mobility but kept me warm like a 4/3.”

Who Needs the Seafarer?

John: This is a good daily suit to have. I’ll wear it with a detachable hood on colder days. Over the weekend, I put this wetsuit in my suitcase and noticed how lightweight and compact it was. It’s actually making me question if that thick fleece lining in other 4/3’s is necessary or if it’s just extra bulk.

Lauren: If you’re a cold water shortboarder, I’d recommend a hood with this suit. If it had a hood, this would have been the perfect suit for me because it would give me that head to toe warmth, and I think flushing would happen less. This is a great wetsuit anyone who doesn’t need to worry about the cold water as much, surfs smaller waves, or uses a board with more volume.”