Womanera: Free. Fierce. Fearless.

A WOMANERA’s mission is to inspire.
Inspire a grom to take her first kiteboarding lesson.
Inspire a young woman to surf her first wave.

Meet the ladies behind WOMANERA.

“As a woman in the lineup, I’ve experienced it all. I’ve had people tell me, “You can’t get all the waves just because you’re a girl.” Other times, people snake me because they think women miss most of their waves. If anything, those experiences are what have pushed me to become a better surfer.” – KRISTIN VAN DER KLOOT

“Our oceans hold a lot of space for anyone who is willing to invest time, no matter how you do it.  It’s common ground. For me, it is not so much about what gender you are, but rather what attitude you have.” – SANNA HORVALLIUS


“To perform, it’s more about striking a balance between motivation, technique, strength, flexibility, experience, mindset, being well-surrounded, etc. The important thing is to feel like you belong and to feel good there. As far as I am concerned, I belong on the wave.” – JUSTINE DUPONT

“From a professional standpoint, it’s important to mention that even though there are less women in competitions, we invest in the sport just as much as men. The time spent on the water, the training sessions, the risks we take by pushing our limits, are all the same. Thus, the rewards should be the same, but it’s unfortunately still very difficult for people to recognize that.” – PAULINE VALESA

“Women are just as committed. They ride the same storm, the same waves, the same gusts, but they will always set themselves apart with this hint of softness that emanates from them.” – CHARLOTTE CONSORTI

“On the water, I am particularly proud to be a woman. I think it is a strength and an asset.” – LOLA BOUTIN

“But what about being a woman in this sport? Sometimes, I wonder if it is harder to get on the podium or to be respected. We are not only judged on our performances, but also on our clothes, our bodies, the way we talk, with whom we socialize, our sexual choices, and even how we spend our money.” – MARCELA WITT

A conversation with Kyan Yang & L8night with Choccy

Kyan Yang sets himself apart not only by his smooth style and effortless surf, but also by his colorful and fun boards. Kyan is already a USA junior national team member and is hungry for more. In the meantime, and while away from competitions, he is often found charging some perfect A-frames on a typical glorious Southern California day.

Tune in to join Manera International athlete Kyan Yang on the L8night with Choccy podcast.

“Our guest is a young ripper from Encinitas. With his smooth style creating effortless surfing, it is no surprise that he already has had huge success at an early age. This USA Junior National Team member has had multiple wins both in the N.S.S.A. and USA Surfing Prime Events.

He recently won the Sun Diego Pro Division and is charging hard on the WQS North America Tour to clinch one of those very few spots for the challenger series. This hard worker is training both in and out of the water and we expect big things to come from him. We welcome Kyan“YANGER“ Yang.”

We Don’t forget our friends: SUPPORT LOCAL SHOPS

Whether it’s out on the water or in this business, we don’t forget our friends.
In the early days of MANERA, a small network of shops and salespeople in the community helped us grow to where we are today. They have our loyalty, and vice versa.

To protect and maintain this friendly ecosystem, we have stayed true to the local shop model for our sales approach. Selling direct or going through corporate outlets would eliminate part of what we cherish in this field. The knowledge of true practitioners is invaluable, and that is why each MANERA product is only sold through a specialty shop or website. That way, everybody can get the best expertise and advice from someone who is in the water every day. 

Additionally, shops are the heart and soul of the local surf scene. Everything often starts there: events, competitions, or even a grom’s first sponsor. Tight-knit communities frequently blossom and prosper around them.

By committing ourselves to this community of local, specialized shops, we aim to help our customers enjoy an authentic experience and product, all while sharing the stoke of watersports.
We want kids in 20 years’ time to walk in and experience these shops the way we all did. Our decision to support local shops is much more than a sales strategy; it is a commitment to our culture.

Seafarer: The go to wetsuit

 Reliable from mid-season to early winter, the SEAFARER 4.3mm is probably the wetsuit you’ll use most often all year round.

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, stretch, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction.

If you are looking for a high-performance wetsuit at an affordable price, this is the right choice.

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Some areas are very sensitive to friction, tensions and tearing. All MANERA wetsuits have been designed with a demanding brief including:

. Avoiding seams in tensions area, to maximize flexibility and strength.
. Making sure the seams are stretched vertically and not sideways.
. Removing seams from friction areas, which avoids rash and increases stretch capacity.
. Reinforcing strategic parts and panels right where it needs to be.

The neoprene layers are glued together and then “blind-stitched” (the needle does not go through the neoprene layer completely). In addition to being 100% waterproof, this type of stitching offers a high level of flexibility.

Manera Welcome’s Eric Dargent

We are proud to welcome Eric Dargent to our team. For the last decade, Eric has been a trailblazer for adaptive surfing and a true inspiration to the community. 

Passionate about surfing since the age of 9, his life abruptly changed during what should have been a normal surf session in 2011. His left leg had to be amputated above the knee, but his indomitable love for life and passion for surfing drove him forward. He was back in the water before he could walk. 

Over the following years, Eric invented, fine-tuned, and marketed a prosthesis adapted to boardsports to increase their inclusivity and accessibility to all. Leading the way, he also participated in seven World Para Surfing Championships and became a three-time Vice World Champion.

We’re excited for what’s to come with Eric on our team! 

Core Principles: Manera Presents its Brand Values

At MANERA, passion is our fuel and our Core Principles are our guide. Our brand is a reflection of these values and of who we are. With this identity and sense of purpose, we build relationships, innovate, and challenge the limits of our own creativity each day. Over the coming months, we will introduce each of our Core Principles, and dive into their significance to us.


0 – Introduction

1 – Stay Salty, No Matter What

2 – Support Local Shops

3 – Quality is our Specialty

4 – Marketing for Inspiring

5 – Stay Green

6 – Keep it in the Family

Our brand is a reflection of who we are.

Stay Toasty: New 7mm Magma Booties

The Magma boots are made for cold and windy winter days.
Their Magma+ fleece acts both as an insulator and heat generator, and its fast-drying time prevents bad smells.

There is no toe separation. This brings better comfort and more warmth as the toes are all together. The sealing print around the shin brings a better grip between the wetsuit and the boot, and prevents the wetsuit’s leg from rolling up.

Foot support is essential to get a comfortable and performing neoprene boot. Our boots feature “SIDEWALLS” on each side of the foot to maintain it. We also use a stiffer neoprene around the front of the foot in order to hold the boot structure.

Last but not least, Manera soles are super thin in order to keep a direct and precise contact between the foot and the board. The micro-spikes on the sole provide a perfect grip on wax or on a pad.

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Sizes Available: 7mm Round toe, 5mm Split toe