Introducing the Offshore Softshell

The OFFSHORE jacket is intended for in-water use only. It is 100% windproof and therefore prevents the cooling effect of the wind against a wet wetsuit. 

Thanks to its 4-way stretch material and its lightness, it becomes inconspicuous once in the water. It is the ideal accessory on top of a wetsuit on very cold days.


  1. Windstopper 
  2. Waterproof 
  3. YKK zipper
  4. Stretch & light


Thanks to its Glide Skin fabric, the OFFSHORE jacket helps the riders avoid the wind chill effect on a humid wetsuit. 


The Glide Skin material of the OFFSHORE jacket is waterproof and hydrophobic, so it remains dry, light, and protective even after immersion in the water.

YKK zipper

It is pointless to design a high-performance jacket if the zipper breaks, gets jammed, or corrodes. Consequently, we use a strong 8mm YKK zipper made of nylon (salt resistant).

Stretch & light

Its 4-way stretch material allows complete freedom of movement, and its lightness renders the jacket unobtrusive once on the water.