Stay Toasty: New 7mm Magma Booties

The Magma boots are made for cold and windy winter days.
Their Magma+ fleece acts both as an insulator and heat generator, and its fast-drying time prevents bad smells.

There is no toe separation. This brings better comfort and more warmth as the toes are all together. The sealing print around the shin brings a better grip between the wetsuit and the boot, and prevents the wetsuit’s leg from rolling up.

Foot support is essential to get a comfortable and performing neoprene boot. Our boots feature “SIDEWALLS” on each side of the foot to maintain it. We also use a stiffer neoprene around the front of the foot in order to hold the boot structure.

Last but not least, Manera soles are super thin in order to keep a direct and precise contact between the foot and the board. The micro-spikes on the sole provide a perfect grip on wax or on a pad.

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Sizes Available: 7mm Round toe, 5mm Split toe