Manera Presents New Wetsuit Series ALT x Yulex


Designed to brave the cold even at 79 degrees north.
Discover now some of our new Fall/Winter collection in your local shop and online. Our collection will be released as the wind blows, unveiled piece by piece, over the coming weeks.

ALT stands for « Alternative ».
We have built a greener alternative to conventional wetsuits, with performance in mind. It features a 100% natural YULEX rubber, tapped from FSC-certified Hevea trees forests. All jerseys are recycled, and the wetsuit features all our other standard sustainable processes.


Yulex Pure®

Yulex Pure® is a natural plant-based rubber that provides a cleaner alternative to traditional petroleum or limestone-based neoprene. The Yulex® company partnered with FSC-certified Hevea tree plantations to harvest crude rubber, then uses its unique process to transform it into a 99% pure solid natural rubber.

Follow the release of our
collection piece by piece